Fri, Apr 01 | Moab Utah

Moab - Slick Rock Running

Get ready for jaw-dropping vistas and incredible sights as you push your mind and body through some of Utah's most gorgeous and challenging terrain. This is your prime location for slick rock running. Curious about the Moab 240 event, come run a section of that trail.
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Moab - Slick Rock Running

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Apr 01, 2022, 2:00 PM – Apr 04, 2022, 2:00 PM
Moab Utah, Moab, UT

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Complete a personal FKT attempt (pFKT) with Aly in Moab! This destination is one of the finest running locations the USA has to offer.

Learn new skills & test yourself among the slick red rocks with Aly. Check out the trail details below:

Grandstaff Trail pFKT       4.3 miles      344ft

Porcupine Rim pFKT      14.1 miles     3032ft

DeadHorse pFKT           13.9 miles     719ft

Moab Rim pFKT              5.9 miles     1329ft

                      Totals       38.2 miles     5424ft

 Grandstaff Trail 

We will follow in the footsteps of William Grandstaff on this trail, an African American prospector and rancher in the late 1800s. This beautiful canyon cuts into the sandstone by a stream that starts along the colorado river's southern side.

You will enjoy winding your way through the oasis of cottonwoods and willows, separated from the desert towering above you on the sandstone cliffs.

This run has a beautiful ending, with the Morning Glory Natural Bridge spanning one of the canyons' sides at the end of the trail. This feature is the 6th largest natural bridge in the U.S., spanning 243 feet. This shorter trail has less vert, so it will give your legs a proper warmup for the rest of the vacation. No warmup needed?... then you can use this run to nail down your fastest pFKT for the runcation.

 Porcupine Rim 

(Part of the Moab 240 racecourse.)

Porcupine Rim is one of the trails that makes Moab one of the prime destinations for mountain bikers (savvy mountain runners understand why their cycling-focused friends use this trail) making for an incredible day out.

Running this trail requires planning since you want to work with the bikers. We will be going in the opposite direction to the cyclists starting at 7AM, making it a great climb to start the day.

Check out minutes 8:29- 9:50 (no sound needed) on this video to check out the trail! Porcupine Rim Trail- YouTube 

P.S. Mountain bikers DO make the best trails :)

 Deadhorse State Park 

Dead Horse Point provides an excellent vantage point to view the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park. The area was a natural peninsula, and cowboys in the 19th century used to push their cattle and horses out onto the point. The only escape is through a narrow, 30-yard stretch of land, which was easily controlled.

According to local legend, cowboys left a band of horses on the point, with the gate open so they could head back to the open range. For some reason, however, they stayed on the point until they died of thirst, within sight of the Colorado River just 2,000 feet below them.

Through this park, the trails offer opportunities for runners of all abilities as they take in the breathtaking vistas. This park is a "Certified National Dark Sky Park," so it may be worth an evening visit to do some stargazing.

 Moab Rim 

We'll head for an early start on the Moab Rim Trail. This trail runs along a ledge of slick rock purple sandstone on the anticline of the Colorado River. We'll run along the cliffs defining the western side of the Moab valley, mirroring the Portal Trail on the other side.

This trail is not for the faint of heart, as it has some brutal stairstep features, and the incline is relentless. We'll get a sunrise start here to beat the bikers and ATVs off the line!

The beginning of this trail starts with a section called the "Stair Master"; this is for foot traffic only AND is a steep climb (17.9% grade).


This competitive runcation will max out at 6 runners for a 4 day running event. (Please be willing to abide by the 6' rule and wear masks when needed)

Included with price:

Camping site for 4 days/ 3 nights (1 vehicle shared per runner and their guest)


Drawing for finishers prize (... if you finish all four runs)

Group runs food and drink

Drinking water for entirety of runcation


Posted Results and Bragging Rights  for your pFKT (a small group run YES, but if you are connected to Strava your results can be matched against ANYONE...I will be uploading run segments to Strava)

Use of GoFindMe GPS Trackers while out on group runs

The camping will be shared sites, but with enough room for everyone to keep the 6' social distance that is recommended. This site does not allow RV's (Camper Vans, Pickup Campers, and tents are allowed). 

The trail running terrain will be moderate to difficult. Runs will range between 4 and 15 miles. 

Runners are allowed to bring 1 guests for an extra $30 fee (fee will be waived if guests would like to volunteer some of thier time during Runcation to help Motivational Movement's Runcation Guide). Guests are allowed to run with Runner but will have to supply their own running food and drink, do not get included in results, no shirt, no chance for finishers prize, and no pictures.

More info will be shared in Runcation Packet that will be emailed 2 weeks before race date. (Hard copies will also be given at camp upon arrival)

Other fantastic things to do in the area:

Arches National Park

Moab Rafting

Moab Canyoneering

See the stars at Dead Horse Point State Park

Canyonlands National Park

SlickRock Mountain Bike Park 

Hole in the Rock (This 14-room home, built in 1945 by its eccentric owner. Also includes petting zoo) 

Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail (See Dinosaur bones...on a trail !!!)

Utah Hwy 279 Rock Art (Believed that most of the rock art was created between 6,000-1,000 BC to 450-1300 AD… cool is that?)

Faux Falls (Waterfalls)

Rent mt.bikes and ride the town or the trails.

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