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Bryce Canyon 30k

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Race morning, 5am.  Two hours of sleep and my alarm goes off.  My eyes feel swollen but the cool air is refreshing as I make my way over to the compost Porta potty‘s.  I cross my fingers as I enter the lovely potty box, not because of smells or worry of cleanliness (of which both are magnificently taken care of) but because if I don’t do the “doo” my entire race could be a flush .  Yesssssss!!!! ✔️ #1 off my list . My morning is off to a great start.

Next is breakfast by camping stove- oatmeal, Nutella, and peanut butter (my “go to” pre-race meal for the last 11 years. As I eat, I watch the other race goers set off on their adventures for the day.  100 milers started at 5 AM, 50 milers at six, 60K at seven, and 50K at 8 AM.  Some runners start as soon as the announcer says “go”, others trickle out throughout the hour.  Energies are high, people are talking to each other and being very considerate to giving space.  I love this I love watching the excitement, people checking and rechecking their gear, runners clumsily jogging their way to the starting line. (I should mention the campsite and starting line is in a cow pasture- to say the least, it is bumpy! ) I put away breakfast and begin collecting my race gear. I grab two extra Gu’s (10 in total), 72 ounces of fluids, 4 Nuun tablets, and 1 pk of Stinger Gels.  This is almost double the fluids I normally take on a distance like this, but the altitude has had me dehydrated the past few days.  I listen to my pre-race ”pump you up” speech.  Then I head towards the starting line 20 minutes before race start.  The heat is beating down and I feel the back of my neck reddening.  I have a choice- find some shade and wait, or get my warmup in.  I decide on the latter because I feel the need for my legs to feel loose and ready to fly.  I discover within the first 10 minutes that my shirt is annoying the bejeezus out of me.  The shirt has got to go, and it does!