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Xterra McDowell Mountain 15 Mile

An early start to an absolutely amazing run! Xterra McDowell 15 Miler ran just outside of Phoenix Arizona. February weather presented a chilly morning but the perfect weather for a long run. The course was ran counter clockwise this year...almost immediately into a long gradual uphill climb. About half the course was easy stepping with gorgeous surroundings. The other half presented technical footing and breathtaking views. I did opt to wear a water vest for this race, but shouldn't have. It was well supported and the extra weight took a toll on my shoulders. I led the first 6 miles for the females. I held a strong second until the last 2 miles. 15 miles was 2 miles longer than my longest training run this year, so ending only 1 minute behind second place was a victory.

Xterra always puts on a great race- whether it be running or triathlons. The locations and the people are/have been just absolutely magnificent!

Showed up at race site 5am.

Weather started in the low 40's and warmed to a perfect 52.

Over 1200ft of climbing.

Finished course in just over 2hrs.

3rd Female, 1st in age group.


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