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Thank you local runners

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

What a great night! The local Fleet Feet all things running shop put on another “everyone is welcome“ track meet. Im not really an evening time runner, but no way could I pass up this amazing free event.

I met some amazing runners both younger and older. I ran a relay and the 2 mile. The relay I was first leg with the 1200... I ran it in 4:28. Then for the 2 mile I welcomed a young 10 year old girl to keep pace with me. She was wanting to shoot for a 7:15 pace and I was wanting a 7min mile pace... girl killed it. She stayed with me until lap 6 where I told her to go ahead without me. She ended up just getting under 14min (woo woo) and I ended with a 14:08. I love it!!!!

Great job everyone! I wish you all could have been there to see some of the beautiful strides these people have:)


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