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Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area

Just North of Branson Missouri you will find Busiek State Forest Park. I had ran here 4 years ago and all I could remember was that it wasn't something that I super enjoyed, so this past weekend I decided to head back that way and see why...I hear from others that the park has some of the better running trails in the area (if you like technical...which I do). The most technical trail, as listed, in the Park is the Purple and Orange trail. It is 8.6 miles long. Perfect! I was suppose to run an 8 miler.

I was totally psyched and dancing to some music while driving my truck onto the dirt road that was suppose to lead up to the trail head. Pretty soon I was at the end of the road and in a parking area right next to the gun range. "BAM"! Where is the trail? "BAM"! Did I miss it? "BAM"! Come on, are you serious?! The trail starts on the Gun Range?! "BAM"! I made the decision to come back at a later date to run the Purple trail. I was wearing all black...I think bright orange may be better clothing if running in this area. I went back to the Yellow trail, listed as the second most technical and 4.3 miles in length. I could run it twice!