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Castlewood State Park Near St. Louis

WOW!!!! What a great place to run. It's like running on a trail out in Colorado BUT here in Missouri! I was able to run 3 of the 7 trails: River Scene Trail Loop, Lone Wolf Trail, and Grotpeter Trail.

River Scene Trail Loop is 3.1 miles with 249 feet of climbing. The views are amazing! You run on a bluff side, on a beautiful stairway, next to the river, and under train tracks. Parts of the trail are single track, about 1/3 has technical footing, and a good 1/2 of the trail you can "fly". This trail is well worth a trot on. It had what I thought were the best views of the 3 trails I ran on, but it placed 2nd out of the 3 in most fun (they all were great).