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Colorado High

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but for good reason. I’m currently in Colorado getting ready to compete in a fun difficult race- Black Hawk 10k.

I drove here to save money, plus I wanted to bring my dogs. This sounded like a good idea until I had a screaming baby for most of the car ride and two large dogs that forgot how and when to relieve themselves. The temperature has been at 100 degrees, not too different in degrees from Missouri weather, but very much different in feel.

I not only came for my race but also to spend quality time with the kiddos..... so no lying around for me! So far we have hiked the Incline in Colorado Springs, ran Red Rock Canyon Park, ran Garden of the Gods, played and climbed at Cave of the Winds, and visited a couple of museums in Denver. I do plan on taking a very relaxed easy day tomorrow though..... race is Sunday morning.

I’m not quiet acclimated. It’ll be fun seeing how my body holds up to the altitude and the 1000 plus feet of elevation gain during the race.


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