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Have You Had Your Long Run This Week

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

This past year I had a baby, so this years’ focus is on getting my speed back. In general most of my runs are 4 miles or shorter, but I do still get in one longer run per week. Every Friday I go out for a long run (right now I’ll keep it between an 8 to 12 miler).

I usually take my long runs out on the trails and early in the morning. Time fly’s on the trails, plus there is less risk that I will push harder than planned.

So far my training is going in the right direction….and quickly. I was running a 20 minute 5k before pregnancy and 7 months post I am back down to a 21 minute 5k. I plan on being under 20 minutes by 2020. Although speed work is definitely a big play in me getting faster, the long run is also a necessity. Remember that and make sure that you are getting in your long run!


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