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Race canceled....whaaaaa?!

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Last post I had mentioned an injured back and an upcoming race.... well the back is 100%, BUT the St. Louis Xterra Trail Run was Canceled! I was going to peak this weekend too, Darn It! I’ve thought about hitting a nearby road race, but I‘m really wanting to run single track, jump roots, dodge limbs, etc.

There’s an awesome trail run mid October- Adventure Max 10k and half marathon. I’m sticking to shorter races this year to get my speed back after having a baby. Though I do think the 10k is doable.

Next year I think my big race will be Xterra Trail Run Nationals in Ogden Utah (half marathon). That’s the idea anyway.

Pictured is me 3 stories up, but the 3 stories hanging off the cliff side of a mountain (so im like 20 stories up) at Cave of the Winds Mountain Park near Colorado Springs. The log im walking on spins. ...... im scared of heights :)

Very fun adrenaline rush!

Xterra run canceled because only 2 people signed up!!!! Way sad.


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